I’m bored with my life. I like the music stuff, but everything else is so stale and unappealing. I work a full time job that I have no sense of pride or anything in (I’m glad to have it, of course, but still…), my girlfriend and I broke up and I miss her like crazy, and I only have a few friends (though they’re sick of me because all I do is talk about how sad I am about my breakup). Oh, and my cats are old and have lots of problems (some I have to clean up every day).

There’s more, but I’m tired of whining and I have to go back to work in a couple minutes. It just feels good to get this dissatisfaction of my chest.

Ghost Children of Calico - “Stolen Breath”

April 22, 2014

Somehow ended up writing a weird psychedelic droney kind of song tonight.

Stolen Breath
Grease and dirt
Shaking hands
Driving away
Breath stolen
Smile fades

Spoken words
Meanings change
Tolerance drops
New focus
Smile fades

Steps and stairs
House and home
Drive away
Breath stolen
Smile fades

Rock the pain away.

Rock the pain away.

7:40 am

7:40 am

Yeah, I’m done with blog for now.

I found out she’s already seeing someone else. So my last songs are completely stupid and I’m humiliated and hurt more than I ever imagined.

Ghost Children of Calico - “Just the Same”

April 14, 2014

I guess I’m not quite discontinuing the blog. Here, have a sad, pathetic song straight from my heart (I know I didn’t sing or perform it well…I wrote it a few minutes before recording it):

Just the Same
I know it’s my fault that she didn’t stay
I was so jealous that it pushed her away
I wanted to change, i wanted to try
I’d do anything to make it alright

But I lost her
And I love her
just the same

She was fine art, I’m half a man
She read poetry I could not understand
I know I’m to blame, I know I have flaws
I’m not ashamed to admit I’m the cause

I know it’s my fault that she didn’t stay

I think I’m discontinuing this blog for now.

Thanks for following.

I wrote and recorded this song for her a couple days ago. I was going to record a real version, but now that it’s over, this is the real version.

Ghost Children of Calico - “Birds Will Sing” (demo)

April 11, 2014

Hi, folks. I wrote a song tonight and recorded a really rough demo so I’d remember it for when I record it for real tomorrow or the next day. If you’d like to listen, here it is.

I love her.

Ghost Children of Calico - “I’m Sorry Everything Went Wrong”

April 4, 2014

I wrote this little thing a few hours ago and decided to record it real quick with a half-broken guitar, an old crappy keyboard, a snare drum, and a bass. All on an old microphone from the ’60s.

I’m Sorry Everything Went Wrong
Got a picture of you sitting on my desk
And even if it was for the best
I’m shaking deep inside, I’m always missing you
I know it’s pathetic but it’s true

It’s no secret, we had our fights
But we also had wonderful nights
I’ll just express my thoughts in this song
I’m sorry everything went wrong

Yeah, the photo was taken in a restroom. I don’t care. I’m lonely.

Yeah, the photo was taken in a restroom. I don’t care. I’m lonely.

I’m gonna write two songs tonight.

One is gonna be called “I Don’t Need No Woman,” and the other is gonna be called “I Wish I Had a Woman.”


Ghost Children of Calico - “When the Sun Always Shines”

October 25, 2013

I wrote this a while back but was unable to record it until now. Hope you like it.

When the Sun Always Shines
No one ever knows what a new day brings
No one can change the past
You try to do right, but sometimes fail
And hope the good things last

But you gotta keep hoping for a day
When sadness and guilt drift away
You’ve gotta keep hoping for a time
When the sun always shines

Close your eyes and listen to the sun
Close your eyes and wait

And when the time comes to end the day
You’ll rest your head and sleep
For when someone you’ve loved has gone
All you can do is weep

Here’s a song I wrote last summer and recorded in the fall.

Lonely Friday night.

Lonely Friday night.


Ghost Children of Calico - “I Know You Love Me”

December 27, 2012

Here’s a new song. Last one of the year. Enjoy.

I Know You Love Me
I love you
More than all the sharks in the sea
I love you
And I know you love me

So if you don’t come back to me some night
Nothing in this world will be right

Because I love you
We’re perfect together in every way
I love you
I love you more than I can say

And if you don’t come back to me before long
Something in this world is wrong

I love you
I wanna hold you oh so near
I love you
We can dance again, my dear

But if you don’t come back to me, like you should
You know little girl, it’s no good.

Because I love you

Here’s a song I originally posted over a year ago. I like it though, so here it is again.